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legacy-judoSTANDING ONLY INDIVIDUAL & TEAM TOURNAMENT We are modeling this event after developmental tournaments that are offered in some areas in Europe. The format is specifically designed to get people LOTS of Judo and throws. Teams competition will be made up of Brown & Black – Novice div. What Legacy will you leave?

Athletes must win a Minimum 2 victories with five or more athletes in the category to qualify for Gi Awards

First, second and Third place awards will be given in each pool or division.

This tournament is open to all male and female contestants at least seven(7) years of age on the day of the competition. All contestants must be registered members of and in good standing with the United States Judo Association (USJA), United States Judo Federation (USJF) or USA Judo (USJI).

All contestants must be familiar with the sport of Judo and the rules in connection therewith and have sufficient ability to safely compete in the tournament. Contestants, their parents (in the case of minor contestants), and their instructors have the responsibility of insuring that the contestants meet this requirement.

Athletes will be pooled by Thursday, the week of the event and posted. All athletes will make the weight category they declare or they will forfeit their right to compete and will not be given a refund. Youth Divisions will be done with approx weight and size the morning of their event (Saturday 18th).


All coaches are required to have a Expo credentials. The cost is $30 for the day. A free access pass to the convention will be included for those coaches with minimum 5 paid athletes from the same team. For 10 or more paid athletes from the same team, there will be 1 all access pass given.

Coach verification forms will be available on-site or can be emailed to you so you may bring them with you


Pre-registered Referees will be given all access passes

Walk up referees will be given access to venue passes


Athlete Check in: 7:00AM
Tournament begins: 9:00AM

Need to Know

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Golden Score

AWARDS – 1st place Winners in Black belt Pools earns a Competitor USA Judo Fuji Judo Gi – Endorsed by Travis Stevens, Three time Olympic Team member and Olympic Silver Medlist


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David Williams
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