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Athlete Check in: 8:00AM
Competition Begins: 10:00AM


The Beast Of The Bay Strength Challenge is a leading strongman brand in the bay area building a phenomenal community of individuals interested in strength sports, partnership with other sports and gyms, while also providing quality events for those that are interested in strongman training and competing Championships.


Athlete Check in: 8:00AM
Competition Begins: 10:00AM


Athlete Check in: 8:00AM
Competition Begins: 10:00AM


Athlete Check in: 8:00AM
Competition Begins: 10:00AM

General Event Info

Beast Of The Bay hosts two sporting events per year as well as several local, national and global community initiatives in an effort to make a impact on humanity beyond sports. 10% of all the proceeds of THE BEAST OF THE BAY STRENGTH CHALLENGE will be donated to those impacted by the ‘Flint Water Crisis’ that’s affected many in the city of Flint, MI over the several years.

– Novice Light Weight (up to 231lbs)
– Novice Heavy Weight (232+ lbs)
– 200 lbs Open Weigh; Class (athlete must weigh under 200.4 lbs at weigh in)
– 231 lbs Open Weight Class (athlete must weigh under 231.4 lbs at weigh in)
– 265 lbs Open Weight Class (athlete must weigh under 300.4 lbs at weigh in)
– Super Heavy Weight (300.5 lbs +)
– Heavy Weight Open 275+lbs

1st, 2nd and 3rd place Evolution Sports Expo metals for the top three athletes in each class. The 1st place athlete will take home a Max Muscle Supplement pack from our sponsors at Max Muscle Blossom Hill in San Jose, CA and their invitation to the NAS nationals competition.

-All athletes MUST have a current/valid NAS membership card presented at the check-in/registration table before the event. Go to > Store > memberships to join the american strongman community.

Active registration link: Register Here

Get your NAS membership > store > memberships to join the NAS community before the event.

The 1st place athlete in each open weight class will qualify for the 2017 NAS National Championship. (Must have at least 5 men in the class or lesser weight class will be combined with the next weight class per NAS rules).

– AXLE CLEAN & PRESS: NLW- 180, NHW- 230, 200 lbs Open- 230, 231 & 265 lbs Open- 250, SHW- 280 (Clean and Press Implement overhead as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Must Clean and Press every rep)

– FARMERS WALK: NLW- 200, NHW- 220, 200 lbs Open- 250, 231/265 lbs Open- 280, SHW- 310 (Weights are per hand. No straps or wrist wraps or other grip aid other than chalk. This is a grip strength event. Carry implements 50 feet and back in 60 seconds. Drop at 50 feet, reset and 50 feet back. Entire implement must cross the line.

– AXLE DEADLIFT: NLW- 370, NHW- 400, 200 lbs Open- 400, 231/265 lbs Open- 500, SHW- 600 (Wraps and Straps OK. Lift implement from the ground as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Must weight for the judges command on lockout)

– TIRE MEDLEY: NLW- 300/400/500, NHW- 400/500/600, 200 lbs Open- 300/400/500, 231/265 lbs Open-400/500/600, SHW- 500/600/700 (Flip 1st tire 5 times/2nd tire 3 times/3rd tire 2 times in 75 seconds)

– ATLAS STONES OVER BAR: NLW-215, NHW- 250, 200 lbs Open/231-250, 265 lbs Open/SHW-300 (Lift stone over the height of a 55 inch bar as many times possible in 60 seconds. Tacky, grip shirts and other equipment permitted for this event)

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